Especially as pertaining to clients involved in real estate development and construction, he has been effective in areas involving the procurement and approval of properties for roadways, then moving forward through construction aspects which involve coordination (and lobbying) at state agencies and the legislature as well. In addition, he has helped developers get approval for their projects at all levels of government.

He has personal relationships involving a significant depth of contacts at the legislature (elected officials and staff) at state agencies, and in county and city governments. He also has research and document production resources, along with resources that can drive a public relations effort, if needed.  He has also been effective for clients at the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot), the Texas Railroad Commission, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, among other agencies.


The Chuck Rice Group currently represents a wide variety of clients providing research and advocacy services in matters of environmental affairs, water, municipality issues, waste management, land development and transportation issues.



Chuck has also experienced working outside the Capitol for a State Association as VP for Legislative Affairs which included extensive lobbying for issues before state regulatory agencies as well as lobbying elected State officials.  

Chuck Rice

Chuck has a B.S. in Political Science (1975) and a Master's in Public Administration (1982) from Southwest Texas State College (now Texas State University) in San Marcos. He began working on staffs of elected officials of the state legislature in the 1970s, including a stint doing research and legislative communication for the Texas Secretary of State, and from inside the capitol he moved into research (Texas Legislative Service), advocacy and lobbying for trade associations and other business and organizational interests.

He has served on the Advisory Council in the School of Public Administration at Texas State and on the Board of Directors of the Austin Area Interreligious Ministries.